I know too many pundits half my age who for their entire careers have sat in their chairs in their little enclaves and are believed to know much about the world. By the time they are old enough truly to be considered wise, their arrogance is all used up, their words well wasted, spattered against an excited world.

I’ve struggled in curious countries, done curious things, been high and low. I have been where these pundits, go as often as they did, could never really get to, and yet I’ve been more or less silent all these years. It is true that I have had books, print newspaper columns, the bully pulpit and other forums. I have also written many millions of words in unpublished journals and essays, almost as preparatory exercises. After half a century, I’ve decided finally I am entitled to a platform — not so high above the world that I can’t see with my own eyes, not too proud to head underground, and never too blindered or too fast; hence the name.

I won’t say something on a regular schedule like a cuckoo-clock, and I will rarely respond to current events like an urgent star-chaser. I will say things when I believe they need to be said. You may expect a little discomfort.

I can be contacted at pete@zelchenko.com.


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